“My boyfriend and I have done a few escape games before and were very impressed. They really know how to stick with the mission theme and keep everything within the time period. We did the Sherlock room and really felt like we were back in time. The locks and clues were fantastic! We got a couple hints and escaped with 8 minutes to spare. We definitely recommend going!”

xpl0ringeverywhere, Fountain Valley, California

Escape room - SHERLOCKED

User Rating: 3 / 5

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Sherlock Holmes while working on his very last case was kidnapped! Before it happened he finally solved it but was so terrified about the result that he hide it in his room and create plenty clues which leads to result. Being in rush he unfortunately left the room in a mess which doesn’t help to find the clues.

Will you be able to get things together and find out what is all about and leave the room before kidnappers be back?